Weight loss or fat loss?

Weight loss or fat loss?

The point of pondering is whether you want weight loss or fat loss. The two things sound the same to some people but in actual practice they have quite different implications. The weight loss simply states that you want to reduce your weight by taking some measures while the fat loss doesn’t actually mean that you will really lose weight. The fat loss means that you want to get rid of the extra fat from around your stomach and other body parts.

Weight loss

Weight loss involves the loss of fat loss as well as the muscle loss from the body. The high-weight person needs his weight to be lessened so that he becomes able to perform his daily routines of life and the home chores in a normal way. He needs weight loss whether the loss comes from fat loss, muscle loss or any other way. The weight loss process may involve two natural ways other than medicines, pill, therapies, wraps or surgeries.

  1. The first being the workout program. The light and gentle cardio workouts leading to the middle intensity and then the high intensity workouts may be used to reach the target of the weight loss.
  2. Secondly, you may take resort to the simple way of eating less number of calories than are needed by your body. You may evolve a calorie plan by getting your family doctor into confidence.
  3. Thirdly, you may go for weight training and other intense workouts.
  4. You may start eating such foods that are heavier for the stomach and are lesser in calories as compared to their weight. The vegetables like celery, etc may be used.

Fat loss

The fat loss means you don’t care whether the muscles are being built or not and you only concern and stress is on the fat loss from your body. The fat that you lose in the process will make your body slim and you are sure to feel the effects of this slimness on your body. The fat loss may be achieved though:

  1. Eating minimal and healthy fat.
  2. Taking exercises that affect the abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs, etc.
  3. Taking some wraps or medicines that may be able to remove toxins from the stubborn belly fat.
  4. Taking recourse to surgery, liposuction or lipo sculpting processes.

Whatever techniques may be adopted for the body weight loss or the fat loss, one thing must be pre-defined and before hand decided as what actually your aim is: weight loss or fat loss.

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