Top 3 Abdominal Exercises for Abs Program

Top 3 Abdominal Exercises for Abs Program

Are you the beginner in the abs program? No need to get worried as from where to start and what exercises to do. In this article, there is a description of 3 best abdominal workouts which you have to do for getting a flat stomach. These are crunches, reverse crunches and a bicycle crunch. The method is described below in detail.

At the initial level, it is needed to get habitual of doing hard work. If you force your body to do a lot of work in the beginning, it can hurt muscles and create injury. You have to do 12-16 repetitions of the exercises named above. Choose two of these three abdominal exercises, and do it at least three days a week.


Crunch is the best known abdominal muscle exercise. For doing it, lie down on the smooth surface like floor. Bend your knees and place your hands flat on the chest or below the head. Settle down there and try to level your spine on the floor. Now try to leave the floor, with chin up and straight neck.  Bring your shoulders up and slightly exhale smoothly. When you come up and your spine is straight, continue breathing.  Now, slowly get back to the floor with your chin up.

Reverse Crunches:

Abdominal training involves reverse crunches as popular workout which you can do at home as well. Lie down on floor with face up and neck straight. Now, bend your knees. Leave your feet from the floor and without disturbing the bend of knees make the angle of 90 degrees. In this position, your feet and legs will be floating in the air. Now start doing the exercise.

First, exhale deeply and try to touch your knees with chest. Then inhale and get back to the original position. Try to use abdominal muscles to do the exercise, while not losing your momentum. In the beginning, do fewer repetitions. But after some days, try to increase its number.

Bicycle Crunch:

Bicycle exercise is one of the best exercises guided by the trainers as best abs exercise. It is the exercise which is chosen to strengthen abs muscles. Lie on floor with face up and neck straight. Now bend your knees at the angle of 45 degrees and feet up making the angle of 90 degrees with knees.

Now start moving your legs and feet like bicycle. First of all, move your left elbows in such a way that it starts touching the right side of your knees. Then repeat the same process for right elbow and try to touch the left knee. Your breath must be stable during the entire workout. Try to move fast, and do 12-14 repetitions. It will work well for your abs program.

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