Target Weight Loss – Set Goals with Calorie Plan

Target Weight Loss – Set Goals with Calorie Plan

How much weight do you want to lose in a certain time (say one month, 2 months, etc.)? Setting goals for target weight loss may be of great help. Define your limitations and make your plans of nutrition as well as workouts to cope with the situation. Determination and patience are the basic required things in this regard. Various ways are available that can guide you to set the realistic weight loss targets. The weight loss help, weight loss reviews of other people and the weight loss calculator may be of great help. Do concentrate on your target and leave the rest to nature; things will be all right within the time limit set by you yourself.

Losing fat, and ultimately, weight may be done through workouts, gym exercises, medication, drugs, surgery, etc. The best way is to adopt a versatile way of losing fat and that is through a well thought of combination of these techniques. The most stubborn fat, having toxins in it, may be targeted first as it is difficult to be removed.

The parameters to lose weight and fat are to be set by you yourself. Losing fat may involve the following characteristics in the person deciding to go for it. He should have a BMI (Body Mass Index) above 25, a waist-hip ratio more than 1.0 and abdominal Girth measurement of more than 40 inches in men.

A thorough consultation with your doctor must be there before deciding as how much to lose your weight? Your own assessment plus the physician’s recommendation will go a long way to keep your health intact during the weight loss process. Read the reviews of various people from magazines, websites, etc. so that to make a better and comprehensive decision in this regard.

 Calorie Plan

You may make a calorie plan to lose your weight. Scientifically, one pound of fat loss needs 3500 calories to be burnt through exercises or diet plan. If you want to lose one pound of fat in one month then calculate how much calories to reduce from your diet and how much calories to consume by workouts. For this purpose you can get help from ideal Body Weight Calculator, Height-Weight chart, BMI calculator, etc. Know your category (under weight, over weight or obese). Make a plan and get determined to achieve it. Change your life style and diet habits. You may replace the morning egg (300 calories) with a cup of oat meal (almost 180 calories).

Take resort to power walk for about 30 minutes and, at least, 3 days a week (above 200 calories burned). Select some gym workout, if possible, to fast burn fat and to build muscles at the same time. In total, if you are able to burn 500 calories in one day, you may be able to lose one pound fat in just a week or so (as one pound of fat contains 3500 calories in it.).

Thus, setting goals for target weight loss has great benefits in this regard.

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