How To Do Yoga For Positive Thoughts And Provocation

How To Do Yoga For Positive Thoughts And Provocation

Yoga meditation and Positive Thoughts correlate. The body needs foods, diets and exercises for the improvement. But yoga is not for the body only; it relates to the mind also. This relation to mind requires us to take recourse to the yoga meditation which, in its turn, leads to the Positive Thoughts. We have to have such thoughts that may give positivity to the world.

Yoga meditation Procedure

  • The yoga meditation requires you to sit at a calm place with a particular verse at your lips without the visible movement or vibration of the lips and eyes closed.
  • The muscles must be in a clam and relaxed posture. The muscle must be relaxed from top to toe. Relax you body parts one after the other in such a way that head, eyes, nose, lips, chin, shoulders, arms, upper chest, abdomen, lower abdomen, hips, upper legs, lower legs, feet and so on. This type of relaxation should be a part of your plan and you will get such calmness for the specified interval (3-15 minutes) that nothing in the world could disturb you during your meditation. Your meditation’s central point is the crux of your religious teachings. You are to connect yourself to the highest Authority in whom you have firm belief.

Recognize your Self

Your own self is the very thing that never known to you for the whole of your life. But with yoga meditation exercises, you come to recognize your inner self, i.e., your very soul or spirit. You are to go for the full recognition and perception of your spirit so that all the secrets and realities of nature come to the forefront for you and you start feeling hearing the unheard and start seeing the unseen. The others get the recognition of the reality when they mingle with nature after death but you will understand the reality even in this world through this yoga meditation.

Yoga meditation and Subjectivity

The subjective approach of the people to get everything in the world to satisfy their ego is diminished when we opt for yoga meditation. Yoga meditation is the only thing that will allow you to go for the real serenity and tranquility of mind. Your approach would become positive and you will start thinking about all the living beings rather than your own self only.

Yoga meditation and Positive Thoughts are the crux and essence of the real peace of the universe.  The whole universe may come at a natural level if meditation is the part of your life, though for 5-10 minutes only on daily basis.

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