Ayurveda and Effects of Tridoshas

Ayurveda and Effects of Tridoshas

Ayurveda1 is an old system of medicine and healing that has been in use in India for thousands of years. It has been evolved into a holistic medicine system and is being used successfully in many parts of the world. This health giving system is really a boon for the people who do not want to turn their attention towards the allopathic medicines which have a lot of side effects with them. ‘Ayur’ means life while ‘Veda’ means knowledge or science. So, the Ayurveda is the knowledge of life.

This system deals with the forces that have a great influence on the body, mind and soul of a person. Observation, knowledge, and the implementation of these things lead one to better health. It tells about the certain physical and metaphysical forces of nature that have a deep impact on the humans. It creates a connection between body and mind and, in this respect, provides a lot of information. The knowledge about the tridoshas2 is also there in this system. The holistic health provision in this system has attracted a great many people towards it and this Indian origin Ayurveda is, now, a great reliever of the humanity.

It is a science of life and provides more information and knowledge about life than is common with the people of the world. It not only provides the cure of certain diseases but also gives strength to the immune system; it goes to the extent to deliver us the information about our mental capabilities. The knowledge about our senses, mind, seasons, behavior, etc. is provided and we are able to make use of our commonsense in a much better way. The common things of life and its normal ways come to the forefront and various realities of life become crystal clear before us. We get in a better position to use our senses.

Nature is the reality and all the human beings including the other living things are just a part of it; Ayurvedic teachings tell these things to its followers and the ‘tridoshas’ or three forces of nature are exposed. These three forces are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha representing wind for movement, fire for transformation and the Earth for structure respectively; the human nature depends on certain proportions of these things. The qualities of these three forces are different and they affect the human nature in various ways. If the qualities of one force dominate a human, he or she goes that way and so on with the other two forces.

Vata relates to the movement of various things inside the body or in the environment. A balanced Vata has proper elimination of fetus, urine, sweat, feces, etc. the body metabolism, blood circulatory system, respiration, digestion, the working of sensory organs, and so on relate to this force or element of nature. Pitta dosha relates to the working of the body organs like liver, eyes, etc. and the body functions like metabolism, maintenance of the body temperature, the balance in appetite, improvement in the logic, crisis management capabilities and so on.  The Kapha dosha deals with strength, stability, fertility, and so on.
Effects of Tridoshas

The human body, according to the Ayurvedic teachings, is greatly affected by these tridoshas. The Vata dominant people are vigorous, unpredictable and thin; the Pitta dominant people are bright and goal-oriented while the Kapha people are even-tempered and disciplined. Thus, the dominance of one trait will let him or her prevail over the others. Things will become easier for the people when they have proper knowledge of all of these things as this very knowledge will take them to the self-recognition stage and they will have full control over their bodies as well as minds.

Things become easier for the people when they face certain problems, troubles and tribulations in their lives and it is the very time when certain human abilities get aroused and man becomes aware of certain realities of nature that lead him to understand the behaviors of the people and certain natural happenings and historical events in a much better way.

The Ayurvedic system offers a person definite ways of balancing and controlling his nature. It provides the ways to use different diets, herbs, massages and therapies for the people who want to make use of it. The evolution of the drugs, medicines and their treatment has enabled the humans to benefit from this system of treatment and bring positive changes into their lives.

The Ayurvedic knowledge-level is very low among the people and they have been on the hunt for more knowledge about it. The best possible thing in this regard is the availability of the internet, the web presence of the Ayurvedic teachers, the knowledge about this system on various websites, various forums of discussion, the Ayurvedic herbal drugs3, various teachers of this system and so on.   The people around the globe may benefit through this system by surfing through the internet and finding the ways as how to lead their lives in a better way by making use of this ancient way of balancing the body, mind and soul. Things get even better for the people when they come in contact with the practitioners and physicians who may treat the people by this system while keeping in mind the latest inventions of the allopathic4 treatment.

Ayurvedic teachings tell us that we are a part of nature and we existed before our birth in the form of a soul and we will exist even after death when we, no more, remain in this world. This co-existence with nature makes us even more important and some metaphysical realities of the world come to the forefront. We come to know about our existence in the form of this corporal frame as well as the soul. The actual happenings of the past, present and the future become clear before our very eyes and we start realizing that the transformation comes to our body only and not to our souls.





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