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Method of Praying and Fate

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Method of Praying and Fate

When I am standing in pray before my God, I have to show full obedience in the sense that I should not move any part of me as the Highest Figure before me wants to see the whole of me in one line of submission. I should move, bow, and go to ‘Sajdah’ straightaway quite mechanically, robot-like, without producing even the minutest sound. Even a whisper or a little wayward movement, other than the prescribed one, must not be made to make sure that the Supreme Being (God) hears me with full attention. This is just like acting with mechanical movement so as to show our complete respect, deep-rooted reverence, love, obedience and full absorption in the prayer. This is our meeting (during every prayer) with God. This is the situation when the only Being, my real Boss, looking at me is Him and no one else.

When the ‘whole’ of me is involved in prayer, it is the very time to tell my heart to Him. None of me moves or whispers except the movements required for prayer, the time to talk with my God has come. My heart , fixed-eyes in sockets, limbs, blood, vessels, soul, tongue, mouth, stomach, liver, lungs, breathing, brain, my soft or hard body hair, my muscles, ligaments, body cells, quiet-voice, mind, conscious and subconscious come in one line – the line of truth and love, the time has come when all the words that will come out of my mouth or the things that I will desire (after this condition of my being), will surely come true provided there is no hindrance as far as my already decided fortune is concerned. This is the time to utter your wish and God is so close and in harmony and synchronicity with you that He, the most Bounteous One (the Writer of your fortune), will have no objection in giving away whatever you desired.

You are praying to God, so make sure that all of your prayers should be directed towards positivity and goodness as He is all positive – He is capable of giving everything that you desire to have. The only reality of the world is truth and love; the rest is just a hallucination spread by the falsifying devil.

God is Truth – He can fulfill all Your Desires with one-single Kun-fa-Yakoon

Devil’s falsifying deceptive wishes try to keep all of us away from the right and straight path of truth and he shows tricks to get all kinds of shortcuts and longer ways to make us wayward and to forget the voice of conscience and to hanker after one or more evils. God is truth, the only reality of all universes and multiverses, the Creator of everything around. If we believe in this, we must keep in mind that He is Truth; all energy and mass , its atoms, its elements, every wave, each type of energy, dark energy, known energies, unknown energies all are in the mysterious ‘hands’ of my dearest God. A single and simple ‘Kun-fa-yakoon’ is needed to fulfill our desires and the owner of thousands of quintillions (1018) of stars and planets can easily bestow us with our desired things.

Can you imagine? It is possible for Him to give each of you a full planet made of gold or filled with diamonds.

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