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Fate And Critical Moments – If I Am Destined To Die; Why Not Die Hard?

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Fate And Critical Moments – If I Am Destined To Die; Why Not Die Hard?

Critical moments like height of jubilation, deepest sorrows, highest tension, prime stress, desertion, tribulations, unrequited love, etc., all lead us towards a state from where the sufferer, if brave-cum-sensible, comes out successfully with new courage, novel ideas, broader mind and higher faculties of head and heart. Luck, fortune and destiny need to be refined to make them positive or, at least, least harmful for us and this can be achieved through fighting valorously against the odds that are currently troubling us.
Take Criticism and Opposition as Blessing
Opposition and criticism refine us to the limit up to which we can tolerate it. So, increase your forbearance level to the optimum level so as to absorb critique, positive or negative, to the same level. This will enable you to reach the maximum range of your destiny and to make your good-luck work wonders for you. Just like a war practitioner, be a luck and fortune practitioner and continue making difficult choices in your life. This will enable you to be always ready for imminent disasters and to fight back in the face of all odds and opposition.
Take a Plunge into Creative Boldness
It is true that it is the swimmers who drown during swimming mostly and not the common man; still, go for the next plunge into even deeper waters to refine your powers of swimming into the ocean of destiny. Fate is what you cannot change and same is the case with destiny but you can mitigate the ravages of fate and destiny through making positive steps in the plunge-pool of your luck and fortune by treading into its less harmful range. This is something that needs to be done and this is the only thing that will bring you successful out of all imminent calamities.
Action is the only way to hold your luck’s plunge-pool in hand. So, work, act and continue positive action; be always ready to take positive risks (after hard deliberation) to continue sharpening your skills and chances to win after hardest ever tribulations.
“If I am destined to die, why not die hard, then?”
Overpower Anger and Negative Power
The moment somebody deceives you, and you show full tolerance; the moment someone deserts you and you remain perfectly calm; the instant somebody makes it terrible for you to live in status quo, you show no grudge against him; it is the right time when you are learning as how to train your body, mind and soul to bring good luck to your situation or, at least, to reach the highest accessible range of your destiny.
Your life is part of a system and you are destined to remain its part as you cannot go away from it; the software that is running inside your DNA needs you to follow the instructions of your Manufacturer; you cannot go beyond it.
God, in the Surat Al-Rahman (The Most Gracious) (Chapter 55) of the Holy Quran, says:

“O company of jinn and mankind, if you are able to pass beyond the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass. You will not pass except by authority [from Allah].”
By overpowering your negative power and anger, you can bring yourself close to being a man of crisis who is able to make right decisions even in the face of all known loopholes in the human character around.
Life needs you to be commander-in-chief of the virtues and vices of humanity and to come out of them in knightly manner. Be brave to face all tribulations of varying natures, aspects and dimensions as they are to remove all impurities from inside of you to make you pure gold; they are to turn your carbon into the most valuable diamond; they are to make you a shining pearl in the darkness of oyster’s dwelling. The only survival and the best way to turn your bad lucks into good ones lies in your forbearance, tolerance and your control over your anger.

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