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The Only Reality – Energy

By Shahid Saleem Butt

The Only Reality – Energy

Energy is the only reality of this universe. Many human beings have tried to define it but they have not been able to define it clearly as they cannot tell about its actual form. Mostly, they would call it to be the capability of an object to do a work. Afterwards, they would come to different types and/or forms of energy without making much discrimination between forms and types. Some of them would say that there are only two types of energy potential and kinetic. The energy and mass that we see and experience on planets, stars, etc., is said to be only 5% of the universe but what about the remaining 95%? This 95% energy (and mass) is what they generally call around 68% dark energy (and 27% dark mass); and nobody knows how many further types or forms this dark energy is divided into. The point that I want to establish over here is that the only reality in this world, universe or multiverse is energy and nothing else.

Comprehend Energy to Understand Fate

God created everything from energy (everything may be in any dimension or any form/type of energy). Everything is created from the basic energy that created all these energies. This basic form is what we may call soul energy. This energy is what I want to explore and this is the same energy that God used when He initiated this universe through some type of theoretical big bang. This is the only energy and, of course, reality that is the crux of all of my endeavors and that is the only thing that I want to explore.

I believe energy is only one and its yet main discovered forms are earthlike-energy and dark energy which, in its turn, may have many other forms. Main energy to me is the soul energy and all other energies, the potential, the kinetic, the dark, the phantom, etc., are its forms only. Mostly, facts are pretty simple and they are lying very close to us but we have built so stubborn minds that we would never go after them.

Method in Natural Phenomenon

The whole earth, its various phenomena, including the working of winds, sea waves, rocky plates inside the earth-core; all these creatures on earth (or even in universe) seem to be governed by an invisible software that uses many checks, with certain ranges of working areas in it, to accomplish various tasks. Same is true to human bodies but not to human souls. Human soul clearly seems to be directed by a special software that controls all souls so that soul may remain inside the subject or roam at other corners of the universe while keeping in contact with the subject whereas SsELFAT-plus-soul combination working to control over it.

The Hindus’ belief, Nature poets’ rumination and mystics’ ponderings have been inherently telling us that God is actually the nature around us and we eventually mingle with nature and become a part of it. I think they may be true only up to the extent of human body only as it obviously (in many cases) turns into its elements and becomes a part of the earth again. But what they miss is the existence of another force or soul – the soul energy. This soul energy is the ultimate energy that was employed to create this universe and that is all-pervasive in all creatures of God; be they seemingly living or non-living in our prevalent definition of life. Remember, the mass and energy that we know on planets and stars is only around 5% of the whole of universe whereas the remaining (95%) mass and energy are called dark as they are yet undiscovered and they may have many other forms. The only energy that seems to be really working through a sort of software and that pervades all phenomena of nature and creatures is the soul-energy which is different from both earth-like energy and all forms of dark energy. This force (soul-energy) is intangible to our senses and lies in the dimension that is very close to our hearts or minds but is still unknown to us as we are so stubborn that we would not start seeing in other dimensions. Let us find out this force and the dimension in which it lies in our quest for understanding the ways of God to man. Everything is computerized and programmed and we only have to see how things are working and happening. Though we will not be able to change future events and happenings, as the highest ever Programmer and System Analyst has already executed the irreversible software, yet we must go ahead to discover the laws of nature.

Luck, Fortune, Destiny, Chance and Character Probably Act in Pre-defined Ranges

The limits and ranges for movement are set and we are unable to go beyond the limits; but we can move within set limits and may attain whatever lies within the limits that are set for every one of us. For instance, if my financial attainment limits are to remain from $1000 to $1000,000 each year, I can attain anything between these two extremes depending on my hard work, chance, luck, help, support, lottery, positive clicks, recognition of talent by others, and so on.

All Humans are Equal in All Terms

All human beings are equal in all terms. The above-mentioned ranges are probably set for every matter of life including education, power, money, children, property, friends, intelligence, senses, wisdom, and so on. If we assign specific numbers to each of these belongings, we can assume that every human being has equal, that is, 100% of them. It is now up to human beings to exploit their abilities by using their given powers to reach to the topmost position of bliss. There is no need to be dejected, jealous, hilarious or proud for an apparent deficiency or plenty.   

Soul Energy (S-Energy)

What I want to establish is that the only energy that existed in the beginning was the Soul energy and God (my dearest ever Allah) used it for the big bang (theory) and, later on, it took various forms including earthlike-energy (earth like energy) and dark energy (dark energy must be sub-divided into varying other forms though not discovered as yet).

So, the ultimate reality is that human beings have not been able to define the word energy properly. Energy is much more than merely the capacity of a body to do a work.

Energy Re-defined

Energy is an optimally-topnotch-programmed memory-medium entity that possesses self-reliant, super-expert and self-incumbent super-system to perform tasks with a resident super-soul responsible to methodize it. (Super soul relates to God and it is what created the earth-like energy and all forms/kinds of dark energy).

I reached this definition of energy from my ponderings on the Arabic word Allah, the famous Shakespearean line, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it”, Bulleh Shah’s ‘Jinhon Yar Manan da Chaj Howay’, Dr. Allama Iqbal’s “Ye Kainat Abhi Na-Tamam Hai Shayad; Keh Aa Rahi Hai Damadam Sada’ay ‘Kun Fayakoon’ ”, my knowledge of the prevalent latest science theories along with many other SsELFAT ideas around.

When we start believing in the presence of this all-pervading energy, we will definitely start believing in the presence of God and then in the ultimate presence of the destiny or fate. This is to bring all of my body parts, mental activities and even soul in perfect alignment and synchronicity to the nature around so as to aspire for the things that I should really need.

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