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Subconscious Power, Mind Power and Fate

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Subconscious Power, Mind Power and Fate

As I have already conversed, God has given us a lot of and unimaginable material and non-material things ranging from known mass and energy to those from dark mass and dark energy.

This is 2016 and right now the costliest matters include gold, diamonds, etc., but a time is coming in the near future when everything related to the Earth will become meaningless for human beings as they will start giving more importance to the dark matter and energy that will be of far more importance (or they will at least be able to get too much gold and other such elements from other planets to make the presence of these earth-related things meaningless). That will be a life changing time when everything will change but people’s sufferings will never end as their desire to get more and more will continue tormenting them. Now, there is no need for any Buddha (Gautama) to tell the world that they can be happy just by suppressing their desires to have more as people have already become tactful.

Use the powers of conscious, subconscious, sustainable education, action research, grit, mind power and a firm belief in your strengths to get whatever is written in your fate; rest assured that it is not anything less than the material or elements found at least on 100 stars and planets.

You are second to God (angels bowed before Adam); He has allowed you to explore everything in the universe and then go for every imaginable thing without comparing yourself with others or feeling any kind of jealousy for others.

Time has come when we have to stop caring for what goods others have; we should rather go for our fate that is so vast that we cannot even imagine.

Start learning conscious, subconscious and mind power techniques that empower your minds to do anything that you want to do.  

Schools, colleges and universities that are currently giving education to students and filling their memories with so-called ‘useful’ information should start providing knowledge to use subconscious and other mind-power techniques to let them reach the goal where all goals converge.

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