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Belief in Recently Gained Knowledge and Experience Stretches (Expands) Your Mind and Fortune

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Belief in Recently Gained Knowledge and Experience Stretches (Expands) Your Mind and Fortune


Just like stomach, which is stretched when you eat more, our mind broadens when we gain some novel information or knowledge or when we have a new experience in life. Once our mind broadens, it gains something in every possible dimension. This type of novel experiences are occurring to us on almost daily basis, some of them absolutely new ones and some others that are extensions to the previous ones.

For instance, if an engineer has discovered a new method of producing electricity which is far cheaper than the current one, he will go for its production whenever he gets a chance to do so. Consider a farmer who has come to know about a medicine or fertilizer that can increase the crop yield by 1000%, he would definitely go for it.

Listen To All Wholly

Don’t affix (lock) your mind against a religion, sect, school of thought, writer, group of people, etc. For instance, if you dislike or hate somebody or some school of thought, you should not lock your mind against every idea, thought or teaching belonging to that person or school of thought, you have to read or listen to that person wholly and then decide to accept, partially accept, refute, partially refute, wholly reject or wholly accept that person or school of thought. Sometimes, your own view point gets proved in a much better way by using the logical views given by your apparent opposition.

If a person is giving his ideas and is able to gather a considerable following, he must have some logic behind his ideas, that is why people are following him. Do not underestimate others’ logic.

You must have confidence in your own intellect and power of judgement not to accept wrong ideas if you are right.

Lock Yourself against Locks

Straightaway rejecting the opposition without giving an ear to even its softer ideas brings nothing to us; it rather locks our minds against many relevant and positive ideas which would, otherwise, have brought us closer to the solution of a very sensitive issue of our lives.

So, when you listen to others, listen it wholly but not in chunks.

Broaden Your Fortune

This is the best way to broaden your mind by listening to all wholly in different available dimensions in order to broaden your chances of reaching the uppermost limit of your destiny-range or fortune range.

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