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Why Afraid? – Deficiency Gives Purpose to Life

Why Afraid? – Deficiency Gives Purpose to Life

Deficiency is there to make the life going. It is to make sure that life keeps running and things remain in unison with each other. It leads all living things to have a specific purpose in life. This purpose is necessary as, without it, human life is useless and nobody would like to live without having an object in life.

Have faith in your available powers and think hard before action; this will lead you to fix the main road leading to your destination in life.

Human beings are much more sensitive and sensible than all other living species. Moreover, the prevalent global scenario, with top communication devices, has left none to be literally called uneducated as everybody, directly or indirectly, has become far more sensible than our primitive ancestors. We cannot live without a purpose in life and deficiency blesses us with it.

So, instead of blaming our deficiencies in life, we should be grateful to God for bestowing us with unique deficiencies and be proud of them and should work hard to remove them naturally before our lives come to an end. They tend to make us bold enough to go for better destiny.

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