How many religions does Humanity Need?

Humanity Needs One Religion

Human beings have now come to the stage when they need only one religion. This is the age of hi-tech, multi-aspect and multi-dimensional information all around. You cannot beguile your religious brethren by creating terror all around. You cannot entice them, for long, by pulling your media against another religion with TV-shows and speeches against them or by practicing against them in different ways. You cannot keep public away from the ultimate truth by showing the wrong doings or bad acts of a few of the followers of your enemy religion. This will not work for long. You will have to accept the truth, the beauty of the universe, the ultimate reality of all dimensions, and the universal religion of all times, Islam.

Accept the Ultimate Reality – Islam

Do whatever you can, but my educated, soul-traversed, guess says that the whole world is moving towards the only true and unmodified scriptures and it will not take more than the next FIFTY years from today (2016) to accept and adopt Islam as its religion.

When I say Islam, it means the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) away from all sects as it is the same religion that was sent to all Prophets of God.

Denounce All Sects – Religion Is To Unite Not To Disintegrate

I beseech Muslims to develop a consensus and come to Islam that was without any difference and that was descended on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and denounce scores of its sects so that non-Muslims find it safe and easy to enter Islam. If they believe that God is one, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is one, the Quran is one and it is the same religion that was descended on all previous prophets then why so many sects around? God means to harmonize and unite and not to disintegrate people.

I invite all human beings of the earth to look at the truth and accept Islam as this is the only religion to let you find the true meaning and purpose of your lives.

Who am I?

Read and act on the message of Islam and rest assured you will find your true self, the whole of you, your connection with this world and your place in this universe and the object of your being here.

Within no time, true spirit of Islam will tailor you to find yourself.

Do as much research as you want to confirm the authenticity of your desired religion. Stop roaming and avail the chance to find yourself right now.

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