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How do Deficiency and Fate correlate?

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Deficiency and Fate

Deficiency is a great blessing in disguise for everything and everybody in this world. It brings normalcy into our lives in the sense that we get close to remove all types of scarcities from our lives. A deficiency motivates me to change the parameters in which I am living leading to a desire to change it for the better.

Had there been no deficiency in the world, the whole humanity, animals, plants, microorganisms and everything around would have been self-sufficient, needing nothing from around. This is, perhaps, not the requirement of the ultimate design of the universe and it would have resulted into the collapse of everything in the universe.

Atomic Level

All universes consist of atoms and molecules and all of them tend to be deficient of one sub-atomic particle or the other and need to be completed by making bonds with other atoms or molecules. The more an atom lacks electrons, the more possibility it has to make bonds with other atoms or molecules.

Organism Level Reproduction

Be it sexual or asexual reproduction, every living organism needs to complete its deficiencies to make a bond and, then, to make a zygote of female and male gamete. Every species lacks something or the other and tends to complete itself. In sexual reproduction, masculine needs something to get connected and same is the case with feminine. In asexual reproduction, clones are reproduced through parts of the organism or plant.

Deficiency in Character

When it comes to character, we always need to be complete in all respects so as to counter the requirements of life. If we can do so, we are successful and we are able to please almost everybody around us, but if not, we are on the losing grounds. To overcome all types of deficiencies, we continue working for the whole of our lives and take certain actions in this regard.

Solar Planetary System

Our solar system is going on for billions of years due to many reasons but also because of a deficiency of various things in its constituent parts. Had earth, Jupiter, moon or sun been self-sufficient, everything in the solar system would have collapsed millions of years ago. Had Earth been self-sufficient of gravity, light and energy, what was the use of the sun, then?

Human Beings

Every human being, rich or poor, old or young, infant or teen, male, female or she-male, aspires for the satiation of his/her deficiency.

If someone is deficient of resources and money, he would go for it.

If someone is not famous, he would go to get fame.

If someone has never seen celebrity in family, he would work for getting celebrity status, for himself or for one of his related ones.

If someone was uneducated and has suffered due to it, he would love to employ all possible means to let his next generation get proper education.

If someone lacks manners, he would adopt all means to let his offspring understand how to behave.

If someone is powerless and desires to be powerful in the society, he would employ all efforts to get it.

If someone is physically weak, he would work hard to make his progeny stronger with unique 6 plus abs.

If someone lacks beauty, he would go for all possible measures that can make him or his offspring beautiful and strong.

Animals and Plants

An ant colony (nest) needs to hoard granary in its home to save eatables for the rainy season, but for what purpose? Is it to satiate their appetite or to fill in their deficiency? Shortage or deficiency moves ants to fill gaps in their ant-hole. The accumulation of water in camel’s stomach, the accumulation of fat and protein around animal bodies, the growth of hair around animal bodies all are the result of some deficiency and these natural measures tending to satiate natural or self-created deficiency.

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