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How to Attain Perfect Serenity and Grit through Perfect Forgiveness by Annihilating All Hate?

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Attain Perfect Serenity and Grit through Perfect Forgiveness – Annihilate All Hate

Be grateful to the society, to the people around you, to friends, to relatives, parents and, finally, to God as they have given you one thing or the other. If some cruelty occurs to you through society, be bold and generous enough to forgive everybody around from the core of your heart: go ahead with perfect serenity of mind and soul.

Forgive all, and see what a tranquil environment gathers around you at no cost around and your chances of finding yourself increase to the utmost level. When you perfectly forgive, your mental condition comes close to All-forgiving nature and you are at a point of getting nearer and nearer to finding and acting on the object of your life.

When you annihilate all hate, your heart’s capacity to keep love and other passions doubles (the same way when you declare an integer to capture and store only positive values in computer science languages).

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