Yoga: Postures and Vinyasa

Yoga: Postures and Vinyasa

Yoga is an exercise and it must be taken as such. Yoga postures are for the people who rely on the yoga practice for their physical fitness while vinyasa is a sequence of these poses. Both the yoga poses and the vinyasas are so simple yet so energizing and stimulating. The body muscles are so much attuned with these poses that you won’t be able to get with other even intense exercises.

Stress and Press to a Limit

The muscles require natural expansion and relaxation. You must do the same and never push or expand the muscles beyond limits. The hyperextension of muscles and joints may lead to serious injuries so don’t go for those in the very beginning of your yoga exercises. Keep yourself in a limit and be patient to reach the height of a professional yoga expert. Take yoga as an exercise plan and not as a game. Don’t look around for applause on what you are doing. It’s not a game man!

Yoga Postures

Following are some of the important and suitable postures of yoga for the beginners:

Sukhasana (Easy position), Cobra, Bridge, Dog and Cat, mountain, half shoulder stand, triangle, warrior, corpse, etc.

All the above mentioned yoga postures are meant to provide the doer with the easiest way of doing the workouts while staying at the position of the workout, thus, used. These postures must be done with the natural bend of your joints and don’t go for the hyperextension of your joints during anyone of these exercises.

Yoga Vinyasas

The yoga vinyasa is a flow of postures and include the following:

  • Sun Salutation
  • Triangle
  • Warrior

The yoga vinyasa have the same purpose as of the common yoga exercises but with more stress. Yoga is, actually, something that belongs to your determination, patience, perseverance, love for nature and so on.

Time Interval

The yoga exercise time interval is not too long or too short. Actually, it depends wholly on you as how long you want to stay in the desired posture. The time for the yoga posture may be from 1 minute to several minutes; it depends on you.

The Level of Strength

The level of strength through yoga depends, again, on the doer; the strength training requires you to do intense yoga workouts while a normal strength requires that you do the same yoga workout with normal intensity level.

Thus, the yoga postures and vinyasa are for your help to get stamina as well as strength for your body and mind.


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