Yoga- Different types

Yoga- Different types

Yoga is the complete boy and the holistic workout plan and it empowers not only the body but the mind and soul also. Although a new addition to the workout plans and routines yet it’s not really new as it has been in use among the Hindu (Indian) yogis for centuries together. While going for a particular type of yoga workout plan you must keep in mind the various exercise plans already in use. Just go for the particular workout plan and let it work in the best possible way so that you are able to get the wished for results.

Types of Yoga

The different types of yoga include White Lotus yoga, Sleep yoga, Svaroopa yoga, Ananda yoga, Juvamukti yoga, Moksha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Bikram yoga, Tantric yoga, Mantra yoga, Laughter yoga, Chair yoga, etc. All these and many other yoga practices depend on the very teachers who are telling their disciples as how to perform these exercises so that to get the desired results. From this type of yoga, you may select one that best suits you. Although the basic theory behind all these yoga types is the same as to empower your body, mind and soul yet you adopt any one according to your mental satisfaction and your physique.

Consult the Physician

It’s better for you to consult the physician before going for the particular results. The doctor knows your body, physique, hereditary traits and the genetic problems and will be in a good position to guide you as which of the exercise will best suit your type of physique. The more you remain in contact with a doctor, the better results you are sure to get. While talking to the doctor, tell him know the whole thing; what kind of physique you want and how much time and money you can spend on it. This truthful speaking will go a long way to select one from different types of yoga exercises and to boost and maintain your health.

Popularity of Yoga

Yoga has been in use for thousands of years and is supposed to have started in 500 B.C. A specific Indian community had been using it for strengthening their bodies and souls. In the recent decades Ramdev and Bikram have been provoking the people to use one of the different types of yoga workouts. The magazines, TV channels, ads, schools and academies have been opened to impart the yoga training to the people around the globe. The different toga has been able to give calmness and mental satisfaction to the participants of this exercise program.


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