Yoga and Other religions

Yoga and Other religions

Yoga is an ancient exercise of the people of India and is most related to the Hindus. Many people believe that the exercise is but a ritual of the Hindu religion. Is it really so? Is the yoga exercising a religion in itself? Well, it’s about controversies. Things must be open and not hidden under the garb of hypocrisy and lies. One must be true to his faith all the time while reading any type of exercises.

Yoga is Exercise

While going for the yoga exercises, it must be remembered that yoga is and exercise and not a religion. The Hindu mythology and the religious minded people have a deep relation to this exercise only for the purpose of exercise and not for any other purposes. Actually, the things are quite different as are depicted by some people belonging to the other religions of the world.

Islam and Christianity

The religious persons belonging to the world’s two largest religions, Islam and Christianity, have the views that Yoga is related to a pagan religion and so it must not be practiced by any means. Its practice would lead the followers of these religions towards paganism. But the reality may not be so as the yoga is an exercise and must be taken as such. It’s only an illusion and a misunderstanding. A sport is a sport; a game is a game and an exercise is an exercise. An exercise can not be pagan or Godly.

Yoga for Harder Bodies

The bodies that are the most stubborn to body fat or body weight or that have less immunity against the diseases will surely get the results. So, it’s better to go for the ways that are necessary to keep yourself away from the diseases. The harder bodies will get the results soon and will be well attuned. The holistic health is promised to the yoga workout doer. You have to go for such exercises as are necessary for your health. The yoga teachers don’t preach Hinduism to you; they just tell you about various postures of this marvelous body exercise.

Yoga Meditation and the Religions

Some religious minded people take yoga meditation just like the meditation in Islam and Christianity. The yoga meditation, again, is not a religion in itself; it is there only to relieve you of your tensions, cares and worries. The best possible thinking in this context would be to go for this exercise plan without any tilt towards the Hinduism. It is an exercise for the purification of your thoughts whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, non-believer in god or Hindu.

Yoga is for all and the yoga exercise must be treated as such. Yoga and other religions have no effect on each other.


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