Factors Affecting or Effecting the Destiny Range

Factors Affecting or Effecting the Destiny Range

There are many factors that may affect the destiny range of a person and these factors may lead people to go lower or higher in their destined ranges. This way, you can imagine your destined-money-range to be a kite flying in the air with the string in your hands. The kite, for flying, would depend on various factors like the speed of wind, your expertise, rain, clouds, and light, opponent kites which may cut off the string you are holding or may get entangled with your kite, strength of the string, and so on.

Similarly, you will get highly positive results of your efforts only if your destined-fortune-range gets all or many favorable circumstances. It is your wish or desire that the destined-money-range related kite has to go higher and higher; but this desire must be accompanied by a truly-intended-heart, aspiration, prays and your prudent action to achieve the goal. Your opponents may not have to come from yonder, they may belong to the very house or street or institute or office where you live, study or work. So, keep praying along with working hard with truly-intended heart; this will lead you towards sure-shot success. The jealous people would love to cut the very thread that you are using to fly the destiny-kite with their ill-wills or with their practical (visible or invisible) opposition. You can fight against their practical opposition through your fully-intended-aspiring mind whereas you can easily fight back against their ill-wills through your pure heart by practically forbearing and forgiving ALL their evils.

Your strength lies in your broadmindedness and all-forgiving vast heart.

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