Action and Positivity are Necessary Tools for Destiny

Action and Positivity are Necessary Tools for Destiny

Destiny Was Decided For Once: Action-Cum-Action-Plus-Action lead to Top

Of course, destiny was decided at the time of birth of a person (or even before) and he was given a specific set and range of things as his destiny and within which he has to work. Now, it is up to him to get everything that is destined for him or to stay at its minimal position by not doing anything at all. Action is the only thing that can take you along the road to achieve the highest written destiny.

Remember, God is the richest of all; He has quintillions (1018) of stars with huge amounts of minerals and precious elements on them. How can we even think that we are poor because Allah (God) wanted to make us so? I think, God has given highest ever destiny-ranges to varying people; the only thing is that we don’t fully believe in His as well as in our own powers. If we have full belief in God and in our own capabilities, we would never even think of begging or spreading our hands before others. Examples are always there to prove these issues. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ambani, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Imran Khan, Tendulkar, Waseem Akram, Vivian Richards, Tedulkar, Hitler, Obama, Cameroon, Lenin, Churchill, John Keats, Shakespeare, etc., are/were just like us. They never boast(ed) to be higher than us, then how did they or your immediate bosses reach these positions of wealth, power or fame? Action-cum-action-plus-action is the only answer to all these and the related questions of higher status of destiny.

Be Positive

Sometimes, you think that your immediate boss is less in intellect, experience and qualification than many others working under him, why? Why so? What is the reason?; what are the factors? Instead of letting jealousy eat you and your dependents up; start thinking about the factors and the available resources to improve your situation instead of wasting your time in enviously thinking all the time about your boss.

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