Fate, Destiny, Luck, Fortune and Me

Fate, Destiny, Luck, Fortune and Me

Fate, destiny, luck and fortune have been under discussion almost since the origin of everything around us and we have to admit that human beings are still bewildered about this issue; they still think about it in a way that takes them away from all types of reason and logic. Religions and intelligentsia have answered but many people, belonging to different religions or countries, still question about it.

Destiny Seems a Package-Range

To me, fate and destiny are decided by God Himself. Of course, I don’t know the exact situation; I can only guess through the very knowledge that Allah (God) has given to us and that He bestows us with from time to time and that He gives to common people like me through varying ways and examples. To me, destiny is given to us as a package; I mean a package-range is specified for every person and then the said person can move inside the given range as per his ability, understanding, circumstances, his or others’ prays, his or others’ ill-wills, struggle for the cause, truthfulness to cause, truthful-level-of-intention, grit and so on.


Let me make it clear through an example. Suppose, a person is born with a destiny ranging from $10,000 per year to $100,000 per year; now, it is up to him and many other factors around to move inside the destined range. I mean, if this person earns $10,000 per annum (year), he has the capacity to go much higher till the maximum level of $100,000 per annum, which is also the optimum limit that he can earn. Now, if he is earning only $10,000 at this moment, he is actually using the minimal level that he can reach and he can always rise higher and higher. The main point is that he has to set his mind in a way that leads him to go for the highest or the optimum level of destined earning. Some people who do nothing and sit idle and are still getting some money, fame, power, etc., are mostly using their minimal level of destiny; they should imagine how much higher they can rise in life if they add their intentional efforts to it.

You may have noticed many people in life who have one set of earnings during a specific time while another set of earnings at another point in life. The only reason for this is that they are at some occasions more accurate in hitting the right target by having a desire with fully intended-cum-absorbed heart to achieve the income level of their longing. This is true not only to achieve a desirable amount of money; it also deals with all other matters of life like reputation, power, fame, gaining the desired object and so on.

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