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How to keep a friendship/relationship intact?

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Here is the Seven Steps Way as to keep your connection with your friend/spouse intact.

Firstly, the relationship can remain intact if both of you are determined to resolve issues of life by deciding not to enter each other’s domain whatever be the case.

Secondly, forgive each other even if there is something hard to forgive.

Thirdly, remove all negative energies from around your mind and heart.

Fourthly, do Yoga-Butterfly workout and Yoga Meditation for the purpose to gain more strength; do it for at least for one hour weekly.

Fifthly, spend 45 minutes or more among friends in real-time daily.

Sixthly, do not spend more than 70 minutes on computing devices or social media.

Seventhly, think yourself to be more responsible to keep the friendship/relationship intact.

Best of Luck.

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