Just 5 Minutes’ Meditation and Pleasures are Yours

  • Differentiate Between Sensual Gains, Sex and Desire

Things continue changing in the world and we are facing a lot many issues regarding separations which, in turn, are not only harming societies’ internal structures but also their meaning. All world societies’ people’s egos are leading family life towards destruction due to this very issue, as unrequited emotions or not-requited-to-the-desired-amount emotions need to be satiated so that people may get satisfaction, tranquility and mental and soul-related calmness without losing their self-esteem.

This is the time when we have to make sure there is no egoistic issue involved when we are dealing with relationships. A man and a woman together make a complete ‘whole’ so what is in being egotistic to each other’s emotions or needs. What the heck is keeping you away from apologizing if you were wrong? Why do you think yourself always being right?

Being a consultant at love issues, I have to respond numerous questions regarding this type issues being the reasons of breaks; this is the worst thing happening around. If we know our rights, why don’t we understand, ‘to err is human’ and we are men or ‘errs’ all the time, throughout the history of man’s arrival on the earth. Our very arrival here was due to an error, do you remember? We were aliens and we are so, why, then, we are more concerned about our rights and gains only.

Life needs us to wade from soft, hard, harder and still harder waters of difficulty with varying matters lingering around in different dimensions. We are here to solve them all without another person’s help. So, why don’t we go for it? We are second to none other than God only. Why are we still bringing hell in our children’s lives by getting separated just for the reasons of fun, sex, sensual gains, and desire?

  • How to Control Break Ups

Sit back for just 5 minutes, analyze   your behavior; evaluate the outcome. Are you empathetic towards your guy? Were you so? Are you really helpful or wanted to be helped all the time?

Moderation is the only way to succeed in all matters of life and we, being humans, have to go for it.

By understanding a fine line between love, fun and sensual delights, we can easily get rid of all types of negative gains in life without breaking any relations, which, in its turn, is soul to all achievements of life.

Finally, while analyzing the relationship, visualize the ways of success if caught in a specific situation; this will bring real-time strength in your relationships.

All societies, including the Americans’ need to meditate over relations just for 5 minutes daily to get out of all tensions.

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